Guest post: How To Tackle Your Maternity Policy! Where do I start? by Fiona Blakey

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I have been meaning to write this blog for a while as it’s something very close to my heart and I want to spread the word and getting others to act on it… you dont have to be a Mum to act you can be a Dad, a Sister, a Brother or any family or friend or anyone that has been affected by the short 45 days maternity leave which applies to the private sector here in the UAE. Continue reading


Starting baby on solid food- all you need to know


Starting baby on solid food usually comes with loads of questions. As is everything related to raising a child for that matter 🙂 As a person who like to spend time in the kitchen I was so excited to make my daughter`​s first portions of real solid food. Continue reading

Christmas gift ideas for him and her

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Some might say it`s too early, some (like me) already started to think about it! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and we are getting ready! I like anything related to Christmas and the month of December. The festive mood, good food, red and green Continue reading


Spooky Halloween party at home

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Last weekend we had Poppy`s very first Halloween party at home. It was so much fun to share it with many of her little friends. And even though the majority of them are too small to understand (or even talk for that matter), Continue reading


Things I learned from my British husband

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Being raised in a post communism times in Bulgaria gave and also took a lot from my generation. In a not so distanced memories we had no Santa, but Father Frosty instead, Continue reading


The best thing to teach your child


Being a mum has its challenges. For the first year of my daughter`s life I was so determent  to give her the best food, best clothes and best toys. I was raising her from one small bundle to a little toddler. She turned 19 months yesterday Continue reading


The big checklist for the new mums to be


Shopping and preparing for your baby`s arrival can be so overwhelming. I remember myself making checklists when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. Some of us just like to be prepared…a lot more in advance. Along with speaking with friends I checked countless websites and got the best of it (in my opinion). Continue reading


Poppy and mummy`s review on Dyson Supersonic

IMG-8543Poppy`s review:

I like Dyson Supersonic as the box is easy to open if you have little hands like mine. Once open there are so many accessories to play with. Of course I set my eyes on the big hairdryer first as it has buttons on it and a cord. I like buttons. I like them so much that when I press them I go “Vuuuuum”. Continue reading


What to pack in your hospital bag. Free printable Check list


Congratulations! You`ve made it almost to the end of your pregnancy. Now when the time is near, you might want to get your hospital bag ready. The size and items in your bag might vary depending on where the birth will take place. Continue reading


11 Signs you are a real Dubai mum


Living in Dubai for more than five years has certainly change the way I think. Being a mum of a Dubai born child has thought me many random things (some of them hilarious). Continue reading